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Mahrishi Panine Sanskrit University

Mahrishi Panine Sanskrit University

Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

MPSVV - Mahrishi Panine Sanskrit University Results 2018

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Maharshi Panini Sanskrit University Act, 2006, No. 15, p 2008 Panini Sanskrit Viswavidyalya is satabliesed by Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Cahan chaired by the then Governor and Chancellor Dr. Balram by Jakhar. The program was organized at Birla Research Snsthana Dewas Ujjain Roda. In collaboration with the district administration Dewas Road, Ujjain Birla Research Institute located on the campus of the University with the consent of the Birla Trust Office dated 17 August 2008 was started. Dated 25.03.2010 by the state Vidyansba 'Maharshi Panini Sanskrit University, Ujjain' the Act 'Vedic' in relation to the proposal to add the word was passed. The name of the university 'Maharshi Panini Sanskrit University' was changed from 'Maharishi Vedic University Panini Sanskrit and-happened ".