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Delhi Technological University

Delhi Technological University

Delhi, Delhi

DTU - Delhi Technological University Results 2018

18-Jul-18 M.Tech. Physics Nano Science and Technology & Computer Engineering Software Engineering 4th Sem Exam Result 2018 13-Jul-18 Consolidated Exam Results 2018 (AE, BT, SE : 240 Credits) 03-Jul-18 B.Tech Consolidated Exam Result 2018
30-Jun-18 B.Tech Exam Result 2018 30-Jun-18 MBA Consolidated Exam Result 2018 23-Jun-18 B.Tech 8th Sem Exam Result 2018 23-Jun-18 B.Tech 2nd Sem Revised Exam Result 2018 04-Jul-17 Delhi Technological University Ph.D Admissions Interview Schedule 2017 20-Jan-18 B.Tech. 1st Sem Exam Result 2017 19-Jan-18 B.Tech. 5th Sem Regular/Back New/Old Scheme Exam Result 2017 06-Dec-17 Notification for Ph.D. Result 2017
30-Nov-17 B.Tech Supplementary Exam Result 2017 16-Nov-17 M.Tech./M.Tech. (Part Time) Final Sem Exam Result 2017 15-Nov-17 B.Tech Some Exam Result 2017 14-Nov-17 M.Tech Final Sem Exam Result 2017 09-Nov-17 M.Tech. Revised Final Sem Exam Result 2017 26-Oct-17 M.Tech. Some Final Sem Exam Result 2017 25-Oct-17 M.Tech Full/Part Time Exam Result 2017
24-Oct-17 M.Tech. Some Final Sem Exam Result 2017 13-Oct-17 B.Tech. 2nd/4th Sem Supplementary Exam Result 2017 28-Sep-17 M.Tech/M.Tech (Part Time) Final Sem Exam Result 2017 25-Sep-17 M.Tech PT Revised Exam Result 2017 23-Sep-17 M.Tech. PT Exam Result 2017 21-Sep-17 M.Tech (Part Time) Revised Exam Result 2017 18-Sep-17 B.Tech. Some Discrepancy and Semester Result 2017
With a history stretching back over 65 years, providing technical education within a modern educational environment and strong academic staff, DCE is strongly identified with engineering education in India. Since its inception and foundation, DCE has constantly lead the way in reform movements, and in the latter era of the Republic of India, DCE has assumed pivotal roles in the reconstruction, modernization, and administration of the society. The efforts and expertise of DCE graduates have been major contributors in the planning and construction of Indias infrastructure. DCE is an insitution which defines and continues to update methods of engineering and architecture in India. It provides its students with modern educational facilities while retaining traditional values, as well as using its strong industrial contacts to mold young, talented individuals who can compete in the global arena.The aim of DCE is to rank among leading universities globally. Consequently, DCE s mission is to educate individuals to be competitive not only in India, but all over the world. Within an intensely competitive environment, the college has adopted a dynamic, global, high-quality, creative and communicative approach in education, as well as research and development. Keeping abreast with modern developments, DCE is constantly restructuring itself and renovating its physical infrastructure as well as its research and education facilities.